10 of the weirdest dating traditions from around the globe

Planned Crying You read correctly. A traditional Chinese custom demands one month before the wedding, the bride must cry on purpose for an hour each day. One week in, the mother of the bride will join in, two weeks in the grandmother and finally the sisters of the bride. The custom is meant to signify extreme happiness towards the upcoming nuptials, and on the wedding day, a crying marriage song must be sung and the bride will be judged on how beautifully she can do this. Shooting The Bride Not as deadly as it sounds! The groom must shoot three arrows none with arrow heads! When it is done, the groom will pick them up and break them in half to signify their love for each other is forever. Red Wedding Red is the colour of love, luck and boldness in Chinese culture.

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This will not go well. It’s also colloquially known as “female circumcision”. It’s practiced throughout the world including the U. Because this will quickly devolve into an internet flamefest about genital mutilation, shoot off into a side argument about circumcision, and then skid to a halt with a chat about how ask. They drink and lunge.

Soon, people the world over will be silently judging their significant others by the size of their bouquet, box of chocolates, and bling. Ah, modern love — it all seems so trite when compared to.

Any ritual, religious or otherwise, has some unusual origins. Do you think tattoo parlors are now available in every nightlife district simply because they were fashionable hundreds of years ago? What are some of the most bizarre rituals around the world? Birth We begin our search at a Muslim shrine in the Maharashtra state of India, where it is common practice to toss newborn babies off the side of a meter tall temple. Marriage The history of certain wedding customs are bizarre in themselves.

The groom-to-be chose a friend, usually one trusted and strong, to defend her from other suitors. In Scotland, however, the bride faces a whole different ball of wax before she can walk down the aisle.

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The following was cowritten with our go-to millennial, Sarah Marcantonio: Here, we try to define the terms explicitly, so we can all get on the same dating page. Even though dating is dead. It’s too old fashioned, too formal. If you want to be taken out to a nice dinner , take yourself. Even if people do get together in a way that an older generation would consider an official date, millennials will never call it a “date.

The truly weird part of the mormon church is the history; specifically the history that is taught to members vs. what actually happened. Sons of Ares Cite your sources, please.

Like dialect in Thailand, customs differ from region to region, and on your travels up and down the country, you are likely to come across many a different custom and tradition. Unopened Gifts Should you visit a Thai home and take a present for your host, you may find it is put on the side and left unopened. Don’t be offended by this, though. It is actually considered rude to rip the present open there and then in front of the giver. A Thai person is more likely to wait until you have left to open the gift.

Asking a Ghost’s Permission Historically, overnight visitors to a Thai home were requested to ask permission from the phra phum spirit ghost of the land to stay in the house.

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It is interesting to note that in the civilized society we supposedly live in today, some of these tribes practice certain traditions that will leave shock the world. Here are seven tribes from across Africa with mouth dropping customs. Massai Tribe of Kenya:

Dating has been around for as long as people needed to find mates and life partners but the dating rituals of the modern world vastly differ from that of the past.

They are symbolic of different aspects in life. Some may signify achieving a new social status; others signify moving into a new age group, while some welcome a new visitor or a newborn to the community. This feat can only be accomplished by using a spear and not the fancy gun. Wife Inheritance Many African communities still practice wife inheritance. The brother of a dead person is allowed to inherit his sister-in-law. This is done as a way of ensuring the clans remain tightly bonded. He may at some point place it in his mouth or near the person seeking to heal.

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Eliza Mimski I met my partner at a Fourth of July party given by a friend. He was tall and good-looking and we enjoyed talking to each other. These were the days before text messaging. I mean, his eyes widened and he gave me a closer, speculative look. Now I speculatively looked at him. We developed a quirky pattern of asking each other out through emails, trying to see how many places we could think of that would geographically challenge the other.

I am giving a speech for Toastmasters on Friday about interesting and unusual dating rituals. I can find information about intimate relationships in the US pretty easily (e.g.: Polygamy, Homosexual relationships, etc.), but I’m curious what else is going on in the world.

We have lots of culture and religion in our world everyone has its own customs. In every country in the world you can see different wedding traditions. In Samoa bridal dress is made from the bark of mulberry tree. In Nigeria, If the bride before the wedding or the first time after it attains magnificent forms, the groom has the right to send her back to her parents.

In the Surma tribe of Ethiopia, their is a custom in which a girl for some time before the wedding, remove the lower teeth, pierced lip and insert the clay disk in it. From time to time the disc is replaced by a similar, but by a larger diameter. And then the wedding? On the island of Java, as in most countries prior to the registration of marriage the couple must pay the fee in the budget. But it is not money, i know you will not believe its rat tails.

The concept of the wedding night in Albania is very conditional. This is done in order to confuse evil spirits. But the Nenets does not bother with the wedding meal, they serve raw venison to the guesta.

Bizarre Rituals and Traditions

Share Shares Being in love can make people do the strangest things. In the worst-case scenario, the man would leave the girl after he impregnated her. Night hunting continues to be observed today, especially by the eastern folks of Bhutan. To combat this, DNA testing and several laws were put into place to afford women protection. Also, families have now secured their homes with steel locks in order to prevent a hunter from entering.

Debates are still ongoing as to the moral and ethical aspects of the practice.

The article ‘ Nine weird and wonderful facts about death and funeral practices ’ by Yvonne Inall was originally published on The Conversation and Macabre And Downright Weird Ancient Death Rituals; Add new comment; 5 November Dating back thousands of years are numerous examples of ancient technology that leave us awe-struck at the.

I know every country has some degree of fetishization but America is on actual crack levels when it comes to this. Asking people out via text, asking people out via Facebook, asking people out via every technological device possible. But heading for the hills when they see you in-person. The fact that people are freaking obsessed with certain accents, and it apparently ups their attractiveness points.

How quickly someone will call you their girlfriend or boyfriend on one hand. On the other hand, how fearful people are of that label.

5 strange dating rituals from around the world

Trust me, when she told me , I had all of the above reactions– I am a friend, after all. But to clarify, these meetings were mutual– the guys knew that they could be history after their Big Macs. Further, she didn’t arrange these meetings to play games. As she said, she hated dating the same man 3 or 4 times before she realized that, for instance, he did a strange thing with his teeth when he laughed, which dudded any chemistry.

If you’re traveling this Valentine’s Day, check out these strange dating customs and traditions for lovebirds around the world.

Being that I am a hetero female, it seemed most reasonable to have someone with personal experience in that particular dating realm to delve into specifics. On August 26th of this year, my partner Joshua and I celebrated our two-year anniversary. The dating rituals of gay men in Ottawa, and I suppose those of the gay community at large, have always slightly confused me. There are rules which outline how and when you can make a move, how and when you should act, and how and when you should feel.

In fact… there are way too many technicalities in gay courting. Below are some of my favourite gay courting rituals and rules — ones that make me chuckle, ones that make me wonder, and ones that make me shake my head. The Five Ways in which gay men Approach one Another: This is probably my favourite technique used by gay men to signal that they have an interest in you. The stare and glare technique is most often used at bars and on dance floors. The stare and glare is simple and easy to perform: If your eyes lock with those of another man for an extended period of time, that means go!

In an effort to assure themselves that the mutual glare was not a fluke, many men will quickly look away, and then come back to their target in the crowd.

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