Did Eli Soriano Fulfill the Prophecy of Isaiah 24:15?

Texe Marrs releases his newest bombshell: This is a book you must have. The Khazarians converted from pagan religions to talmudic Judaism after the 8th century, but of course, racially they remain Khazars. The Khazars were and are a genome that is mainly Turkish and Mongolian blood. His ancestors are not the Israelites of the Bible. They did not worship the God, Jehovah, but instead literally were a phallic cult. They worshipped Satan by means of the male penis idol.

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So what did Abao do? She went into embarrassing extremes by attacking my Twitter cover picture and directing me to her cooked up stories maligning Daniel Veridiano-the guy Eli Soriano raped. She did not know that Protestant sexual abuses are much higher than those in the Catholic Church. The result of her embarrassment was going on the defensive by singled out her boss Soriano telling me to read her cooked up article in which she shelves her cult leader from his crimes and from the abuse cases committed by Protestant ministers-of which Soriano is one.

History Malabon, per legend, Religion Roman Catholicism- Malabon belongs to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kalookan. Almost 80% of the people here adhere to this religion. (Ang Dating Daan) they have a small community here (local ng Tugatog) Malabon International Baptist Church under Bishop Pio .

Their television programs contributed largely to the aggravation of their relations. On August 16, , the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board MTRCB preventively suspended the showing of the Ang Dating Daan program for 20 days due to slander and use of offensive and obscene language by its televangelist-host Eliseo Soriano , as a means of disciplinary action.

Soriano challenged the action in court, arguing that the suspension imposed by the MTRCB constituted prior restraint on the media and that his language during the show’s August 10, broadcast was not obscene and offensive. Lehitimong anak ng demonyo! Masahol ka pa sa putang babae, o di ba? Yung putang babae, ang gumagana lang doon yung ibaba. Dito kay Michael, ang gumagana ang itaas, o di ba? Sobra ang kasinungalingan ng mga demonyong ito. These demons are lying too much.

But while there were previous agreements made, no proper debate had actually materialized between the groups due to varying reasons.


My father joined this group of Ka Perez, yet I did not become immediately a member of the same group since the beginning [of my sojourn on earth]. In , my parents joined this group [of Ka Perez]. I joined this church in , Bro.

Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path) is the facade of a religion, which is formerly known Iglesia ng Dios kay Kristo Hesus, Haligi at Saligan ng Katotohanan which was registered way back by Fermin Calma, a close friend of Mr. Eliseo Soriano, in which Bro. Eli himself is the leader of the new break away group.

The Congresswoman survived the attack now on stable condition and a percent of chances of survival as reported along with 13 other victims. But six others, including a Federal judge and a 9-year old girl did not. My heart laments for this senseless killing of innocent victims particularly a 9-year old girl who was so talented with a bright promising future. What a lost of life! Dreams shattered because of the untimely death of this sweet, lovely and beautiful girl. I share in the sorrows of the parents, relatives and friends of Christina for losing her.

Similarly I also share in the sorrows of other parents all over the world for losing their love one in a senseless killing like this. I hope there will be no more incident of this kind to happen in any part of the world. Let there be peace, love, and harmony. On the other hand I am also perplexed on the motive of this young man Jared Loughner for killing and injuring other people if his plan was to assassinate a politician for what ever reason.

Even a mere contemplation to deprive one of his life is already a crime and deplorable act of moral iniquity how much more when the criminal plot is acted upon which include a number of innocent victims ; how could such evil came into the mind of this person who like others may also have a great future? On issues of this kind we can not help but think of the role of the family, particularly the parents, the school, and the community.

Conflicts between Iglesia ni Cristo and Members Church of God International

Eli is the 7th child in their family. Eli describes his childhood life as simple. Eli was baptized when he was 17 years old. He was baptized on April 7, , in Sineguelasan, Bacoor, Cavite at 5: One of the most unforgettable moments of his life was when his mother was figured in an accident and he believes that it brings him closer to GOD.

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It’s the Blood of Jesus! By February 02, Yup it’s the blood of Jesus Christ! It’s that blood that was so precious that saves from sin and it’s the literal blood of Jesus Christ that saves. Many modernistic preachers have gone as far as to even say that the blood of Jesus was totally unnecessary. Their Bibles eat them up! What does the Bible say? It’s best not to wait until Lent to discuss a topic like this. Besides, the blood of Jesus shed for sins is a show of Jesus’ greatest love- shedding His blood so sins will be forgiven and His death pay for it.

No bloodshed, no remission Hebrews 9: If it were just symbolic, then the Bible would not talk about the blood of Jesus. However I’ll tackle more on the blood verses to show that the blood was needed. When His side was pierced, all the blood flowed out from His dead body as a human, which was the last drop of blood to make sure it was paid in whole.

Conflicts between Iglesia ni Cristo and Members Church of God International

We believe that Christ descended on earth from the bosom of the Father, suffered for the redemption of sin, died on the cross, resurrected after three days, ascended to heaven and sat on the right side of God. God cannot lie, [10] God is not omniscient he doesn’t foreknow all future human actions and choices , and God is not omnipresent he created hell but he is not there. He is recognized as the Apostle , High Priest and Mediator of the church.

Ang dating daan tagalog history dating daan religion of dating daan for the old path is a religious radio members church of god unto Cain and to his offering he had not actually cowed them, and they submitted to scarcely enemies held prayer meetings, invoking divine aid for the fool’s.

Posted on Marso 2, by livingstain Matagal na panahon na ang nakakaraan ng mabuhay sila sa mundo, mga pinaniniwalaang kampon ng kadiliman, nagtataglay ng itim na kapangyarihan na ginagamit nila upang magpahirap ng iba. Noong unang panahon sa Inglatera at ibang panig ng Europa, sinusunog ang mapapatunayang napapabilang sa kanila, ngunit hindi sila lubusang napuksa, bagkus mas naging marahas, mas kalunos lunos, at mas mapanganib ang naging paraan nila upang ipaghiganti ang minsang nalupig nilang lahi.

Kahit nung bata pa ako madalang akong maniwala sa mga ganitong mga pangyayari, mas pinaniniwalaan ko ang syensya na may eksaktong paliwanag para sa lahat. Pero ng minsang masaksihan ko ang nangyari sa aking guro sa aming paaralan, ng minsang gamutin ng albularyo ang isang nanay na pinalaki ang suso sa loob lang ng isang gabi, at ng minsang makita ko ang isang lalakeng sumusuka ng napakaraming itim at malansang tubig na tila bumabalong sa kanyang tiyan. Nagbago ang pananaw ko. Nakakapagtaka din na sa pamamagitan lang ng pag-ipit ng balahibo ng manok sa paa ng biktima, namamalipit na ito sa sakit, tagaktak ang pawis at tila takot na takot.

Hanggang ngayon isa pa rin itong palaisipan.


The Threefold Ministry of the Son By: When the Father called me, He isolated me in two mountains. He let me go through some spiritual experiences that I never had before. The interpretation was of the three ministries — the Mosaic, the Solomonic, and the Prophetic Ministry — entrusted to me by the Father. Moses was given by God to the people so that he would save Israel from Egyptian bondage.

I am an ex-Ang Dating Daan Member (pines) submitted 2 years ago * by darksakura fighter hello everyone! i was a former member of ang dating daan (from the Philippines). leaving that church was the best decision i have made in my life so far. i am so pissed of at myself when i realized i was brainwashed for more than a decade, since i.

Converts Stories “The Christianity of history is not Protestantism. If ever there were a safe truth it is this, and Protestantism has ever felt it so; to be deep in history is to cease to be a Protestant. Antioch was also where the term “Christian” was first used. In their TV Net23 program “Ang Tamang Daan” their hatred against the Catholic Church in particular and to other non-believers who oppose their un-Christian cristology are evident.

Yesterday, I was up late till almost midnight. I just don’t trust their gullible tones and facial expression. Wolves in sheep’s clothing Mt. A lot of them in there. I was late for that program, a quarter maybe so I got to start with John 1: Which of the many false believers they are referring to?

Anu ang pagkakaiba ng Ang Dating Daan sa ibang religion